Why Affine Finance?

There is a breadth of recruiting agencies out there, and they all have a similar narrative - so why should you work with Affine instead of with any other agency?



Our core team has prior experience in Banking, M&A, startup finance, investing and operations - giving us deep insights and thorough understand of:

  • How to screen for the best-suited finance experts

  • What are the key qualities these experts need to have to be great at their roles

  • How to assess these qualities

  • What are the best practices in finance recruiting



Unlike the majority of agencies who offer recruiting for a variety of functions, spanning from H.R. to manufacturing, we are 100% focused on finance roles.

This focus makes us highly efficient at our work and allows us to leverage our continuously growing network of finance experts, as well as grow and improve internally due to economies of learning.




Affine Finance offers companies both full-time and part-time recruiting, as well as project-based engagements that can be customized depending on clients needs.

Moreover, we are the only agency that executes bake-off processes for companies end-to-end to onboard a broker-dealer to lead their fundraising or M&A processes - saving them immense time and budget compared to hiring traditional bankers to do the work.