Ready to meet your part-time CFO?

With a fresh set of eyes and a macro perspective on your business, fractional CFOs drive meaningful results, where you need it most, on a budget that makes sense. You can arrange to have a part-time CFO starting at just 5 hours a month, to up to 20+ hours a month.


Maximize business valuation

Your part-time CFO will be a key member of your management team. He or she will add credibility and quality to the company's financial model and projections; help the CEO articulate the company's financial vision; and efficiently negotiate and close funding rounds.

Strategic insights from an industry veteran

Experienced CFOs know how to manage financial and administrative tasks of all types. They know what things should cost, and can quickly and favorably negotiate benefits, insurance, leases, bank lines, legal fees, outside service providers, and more.


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Streamline processes

They make sure that accounting numbers are accurate and on time. They can fluently manage ancillary operations and departments, so that your team doesn’t have to spend time on the back office - helping you meet or exceed your plan, manage cash and headcount well, deliver accurate, on-time financials, and report few negative “surprises.”

Improved budgeting and cash flow forecasts

A part-time CFO provides solid forecasting and expense management to extend your company's runway and buy time to create more value.

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Why You Need a Part-time CFO

We've built a network of the top on-demand CFO talent that we match with companies based on industry and tech experience, business model expertise, and personality fit. 

  • Cash flow management: Manage your capital runway, debt obligations, and ensure the ability to invest in new projects

  • Internal system implementation: Put systems and controls in place across your business to accelerate growth

  • Profitability optimization: Identify opportunities to improve margins through granular analysis of channels, service lines, products, etc.

  • Risk management: Understand the risks and roadblocks that lay ahead and proactively work to avoid them

  • Exit strategy: Prepare your company with defensible financials and a logical strategy BEFORE an interested party comes calling

  • Go-to-market strategies: Unlock scalable growth through new business models, channels, verticals, or customer segments

  • Fundraising support: Plan for the timing, format, and level of funding required to support business operations

  • Competitive analysis: Understand the opportunities and threats to your business presented by other players in the space