Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

We know that CPA fees quickly add up so we want you to take advantage of the services most critical to your success, when you need them delivered, with no long-term commitment. 


Bookkeeping is stressful...
let us take it off your plate 100%!

You're a small business owner with lots to do. We're a professional bookkeeping service with experience serving entrepreneurs.


Interactive Financial Statements

Each month, you’ll get a clear, accurate Income Statement and Balance Sheet. With all of your transactions organized into categories, you can easily monitor how much you earn and spend each month, how much you own, and how much you owe. 

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Helpful Visual Reports

See your business’s financial health at a glance, and stay in control of cash flow. Affine visual reports display your revenue, expenses, and profit over time. Knowing where your money is coming from and going to is the first step to making smarter business decisions.  

Pricing for bookkeeping

Our standard hourly rate is $50 / hour.



Likely: 5-10 hours/month

$250 - $500/month

Cash basis; No A/R, A/P



Likely: 12-18 hours/month

$600 - $900/month

Accrual basis



Likely: 20-30 hours/month

$1,000 - 1,500/month

Accrual basis

All plans include a dedicated bookkeeping team. Accrual basis bookkeeping is recommended for most tech startups, service-based businesses, and businesses with long sales cycles. Prices above reflect payroll via a 3rd party service such as Gusto; Payroll can be processed in-house by our bookkeeper as well for an additional fee. Subscription to software suites such as Quickbooks and Xero not included.


Pricing for other Accounting Services

Pricing for ad-hoc accounting services, catch-up bookkeeping, setting up accounting systems, tax preparation and consulting will vary by level of complexity, as well as scope and length of the project. Please let us know your specific needs to connect you with an expert, and to determine pricing.

Dedicated Bookkeepers

Real humans. Perfect books. Your bookkeeping team imports bank statements, categorizes transactions, and prepares financial statements every month. Questions? Affine bookkeepers work in-house, and they respond within one business day.  


Intuitive Software

Whether you use Affine on your computer or your phone, you won’t need to read a tutorial to use our app. Access your financials and stay connected to your Affine team without the steep learning curve.


Effortless Categorization

Your team categorizes the majority of your transactions each month. For one-off expenses only you would understand, you can tell your Affine team how to categorize the transaction in a few quick taps.  

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Flexible Communication

It’s easy to communicate with your bookkeeping team. Receive messages and send questions quickly via the Affine app on your computer or your phone. Notifications on your mobile phone keep you in touch with your team and your financials in real time.  


Simple, Secure Data-sharing

Connect your accounts to Affine, and your financial documents are automatically delivered to your bookkeeping team. We sync with all major banks and leading payment platforms and use bank-grade encryption to gather your financial data automatically and securely.  

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Affine Integrations

Enabling Automation, Accuracy & Speed

Affine Integrations

...and more!

Full Suite of On-Demand Accounting services

  • Accounting process optimization: Streamline your bookkeeping, bill payment, payroll, invoicing, and other back office processes, saving you time and money
  • Tax preparation & filing: Cost-effectively prepare your books, then shop your filing around to Affine's network of CPAs for the most competitive rate
  • Month-end accounting: Receive accurate and timely financial statements each month, along with guidance from an accounting expert
  • Tax advisory: Reduce your taxable liabilities through a variety of strategies
  • Invoicing: Enjoy a seamless process by which invoices are created, sent, recorded, and followed up on without wasting your time
  • Conversion to accrual: Understand the benefits of both accounting methods, and make the switch at the appropriate time
  • Account reconciliations: Close out each period by aligning your bank, credit/debit card, ecommerce, and other accounts with your financial statements
  • Historical bookkeeping cleanup: Log/categorize outstanding transactions to bring your books up to speed, and ensure you never fall behind again
  • Expense classifications: Outsource tedious expense classifications to an expert who will perform them accurately
  • Payroll: Process your payroll on the software of your choosing, ensuring your employees are paid in an accurate and timely manner