Launch a bakeoff (RFP) process to evaluate the most enthusiastic and most aggressive investment banker for your fundraising efforts

Affine Finance will execute the process of finding, vetting and recruiting the best-matched banker in a bake-off to lead your fundraising process - getting you the best valuation, and a broad and diligent outreach the right potential investors - both strategic and financial.

Bake-off process

Bake-off is an RFP process (request for proposals) from the company to broker-dealers, and a process in which the company evaluates and recruits the best person. Affine's role is to make this process seamless.

  • Recruiting process to hire a broker

  • Takes 2-3 weeks 

  • Company selects a group of most relevant brokers to evaluate

  • Brokers pitch their skills, deal experience, vision and strategy to reach out to buyers and close the deal

  • Company evaluates brokers and their competence

  • Process ends with company hiring a single broker to lead and execute the deal


What should you expect from a broker-dealer?

Among other things, brokers will:

  • Create or evolve company’s investor deck

  • Evaluate the valuation cap at which company should raise

  • Build or evolve company’s financial model

  • Qualify potential investors - both financial and strategic

  • Leverage own network of investors

  • Lead the due diligence process

  • Negotiate the round and close the deal

How can Affine Finance lead your bake-off process?  

Affine can coordinate and lead the bake-off process end-to-end, ensuring that the company is executing its deal in the most efficient way possible - saving immense time and effort 


We screen for the initial group of most suited brokers

  • We screen a broad list of candidates based on their deal experience and skillset

  • Each broker we pitch is pre-vetted through Affine’s comprehensive technical assessments and reviews  

  • We send companies the initial group of most relevant broker-dealers interested in the deal.

We then coordinate the bake-off process end-to-end, and are able to provide post-deal support

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  • We coordinate the bake-off requirements for each round, reviewing broker's pitches and providing our recommendations 

  • We work with companies 'till they finalize a broker, and then help them negotiate and draft an agreement  

  • We can provide additional deal support through our extensive network of experts and in-house expertise after the deal commences