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Our freelancers and employees represent the highest quality finance professionals in the United States. They hail from dozens of states, have experience in a multitude of industries, and are soccer parents, semi-retirees, full-time freelancers and everything in between.

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Our community of talent is the single most important thing about Affine.

Why freelance with us


We sell for you

No more submitting 50+ proposals on other transactional marketplaces before you win a new client. No more business development and marketing yourself.

You earn more

Because you negotiate your rates with us, there's no more race-to-the-bottom pricing like in other marketplaces.


We match you to clients

When your experience and skill set aligns with the clients' needs, only then will you be asked to submit a proposal.

Work up to your availability

Tell us how much work you want and over time we’ll work to give you that much, which reduces the variability of your income.

What do we look for in our freelancers?


  • Entrepreneurial spirit and drive

  • Exceptional finance skills

  • Great written and verbal communication

  • Timely, consistent follow-up

  • Enthusiasm and respect for clients, other freelancers, and the Affine home team


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